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Future Fashion Concepts brings together Next Gen Materials innovators and climate focused start ups with students and aspiring designers to exchange and experience how an alternate fashion ecosystem can look like.

Originally launched during Art Basel Miami 2018, Future Fashion Concepts is our initiative to put into action our  three principles to Elevate, Engage and Educate through immersion and creativity.

Next to exhibiting designs created from innovative or regenerative  sources, Future Fashion Concepts holds space for  panel discussions and community hours, shaping valuable connections for the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs.

For Future Fashion Concepts 2024 Edition, we collaborated with Istituto Marangoni Miami offering students a hands on experience and inviting participants to look at luxury fashion through the lens of  responsible practices and climate solutions.

Exhibitors and speakers included textile to textile recycling pioneer Patricia Ermecheo of Osomtex and Osombrand, showcasing her work with Nike for the Space Hippie Sneakers as well as the uniforms created for the US Olympics team. On the panel, Patricia shared her wealth of experiences with guests and fellow panelists.

Soarce USA exhibited their solutions for toxic free  additives  for the fashion and textile sector derived from algae and Sargassum.  Soarce USA’s co-founder and COO Mason Mincey shared his thought provoking perspectives on the panel.

Ecovative and Forager exhibited their Mycelium based materials in form of a luxurious bag, a fungi sprouting lamp and a vest that was done in collaboration with Felder Felder and Istituto Marangoni Miami’s Fashion Design Program Leader, Mario Braghieri.

Ecovative’s Kat Reeder shared Forager’s inspiring innovation timeline on the panel.

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